So, here's the thing. Josh Gondelman is a super talented comic and writer who's really taken off in the last year or so. He also happens to be a friend of a friend. And I happen to have met him briefly on one occasion.

But only one time. Briefly.

A couple of months ago, I meekly, sheepishly sent him a heavily edited, super spell checked email, asking his advice for a fellow like me ... one that just can't bear to work in advertising another moment longer. One who has a little comedic instinct, but doesn't just *love* doing stand up. 

Perhaps the best advice he gave me was, "Try a bunch of different things. Work hard at them. have fun with them. Do the ones that are the most fun the hardest, especially if there's a way you can get them in front of people."

I shared that passage with about eleventy hundred people in the weeks after that, as I dove, headfirst into a lot of passion projects. Which were timed almost perfectly to coincide with my savings running out after my last advertising agency career swearing off. 

But ... still a spark was sparked.

I've felt a bit of duty to honor those words that struck a real chord with me. Perhaps I've been a project manager a bit too long, but I feel like I should provide updates on that mission. But. Continued correspondence with Josh Gondelman seems ... creeptastic.

But, Dear Josh.

If you care, I've started basic improv classes at the PiT. I'm in the middle of a writing workshop from Laughing Buddha. I've started a beer site called with a friend of mine, and I'm starting something else called Renaissance Person with another friend of mine. Sort of a happy hour for the curious ... sort of a talk show. 

Your biggest fan.

-Colby Angus Black